Lease Agreements

Lease agreements are generally put together by the legal advisors.  Sharp & Bentley assist those advisors by preparing the Schedule of Conditions and appropriate plan (site and /or floor plans).

Title Plans

Title Plans are required for many different reasons.

The Title Plans are an approximation of what is actually provided.  Often the plans are only available in paper copy, if at all.

If you are purchasing a complete property, you will normally have a plan of a scale of 1:1250.

If you are leasing part of a property, whether or not it includes land and outbuildings, the drawings may be less accurate.

If the boundary between the two adjoining properties is not “determined” and the two parties disagree on where the boundaries are a dispute will exist (see boundary disputes).

Therefore, having an accurate plan of the property will prevent or limit later disputes.

Sharp & Bentley provide suitable and accurate title plans, using accurate, modern technology we can collect the site features in an effective manner.  These plans can be used within sale, lease and tenant agreements.

Such plans can be also prepared, suitable for submission to HM Land Registry, assist boundary determinations.  See also Boundary Disputes for more information or contact Sharp & Bentley on 01277 203460 or email for a free no obligation consultation.